TPS Reports Podcast 002 - Moderation Is Everything

In this installment of TPS Reports, Term works on his Elvis impersonation and the boys recap their not-so-Kool Keith show from a few days earlier (shoutout to the kind folks at Good Note!) Acumental goes on to provide groggy details about his recent 48-hour bender which concluded with him passing out in line at Harold's Chicken after an episode of dehydration...don't be like Acumental.

Elvis drug stories, first time weed stories, faking being high, smoking post-it notes, Percocet, Xanax, Mushrooms & Taco Bell sauce packs. Term suggests psilocybin vaccines for babies & Acumental eats a weed plant during a bad trip. Mental health, therapy, crowd energy & insecurity on-stage.

Outro Song: "Heartbreak Hotel" by Vantablac SOL

The Palmer Squares:

Drew Mantia