TPS Reports Podcast 015 - Brandon Lost The Van Key

In this installment of TPS Reports, the No More Jobs Tour manager manages to lose the van key in a snowstorm & the boys get stranded in Winnipeg for 72 hours. The Squares & VBS dress up as Netherfriends and perform Pumpkin Cypher for the first time ever on Halloween in Saskatoon and Term takes issue with Vantablac’s undercooked hash browns. Shout out to Cody, UFC 217, Zodiac doints in Vallejo, beer pong & henna hand tags. Other topics include: Acumental’s tattoo catharsis, Ken Burns documentaries, smoking cigarettes, ignorant foreigners & advice from VBS on playing solo shows.

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Outro Song: "Roger Clemens" by Sweatshop & Owl Green

The Palmer Squares:

Vantablac Sol: