TPS Reports Podcast 020 - You Don't Remember Me, Do You?

In this installment of TPS Reports the boys discuss their favorite east coast accents, acting like tourists, getting sick on the road & cartoons. Ac nails the hat toss in Buffalo, TPS meet No One Important & everyone feels the tour exhaustion in Stroudsburg. Twist locks vs. button locks, Vantablac Sol-food, Term looks young & old at the same time, and the gang opens a very special fan gift from Tony in Cincinnati. Other topics include: biffed fan links, remembering names/faces, My Strange Addiction, COPS & Bait Car.

Please send questions, stories & whatever else to and feel free to leave us a voicemail at 708-797-3079!

Outro Song: "Grow Up" by Kris Gears (ft. The Palmer Squares):

The Palmer Squares:

Vantablac Sol: